What Is It?

Leaf Gulp bagging tools are the smartest, easiest, most efficient solution for bagging leaves, garden weeds, grass, or even party trash.

No more bending over! No more struggling with floppy bags! Leaf Gulp can help you get those massive piles of leaves and garden debris from the ground into your bags in a snap, without the hassle (or the back pain).

Our simple design transforms your lawn and leaf bags into a supersized hands-free dustpan that stabs in the ground and stays put!

 Leaf Gulp fits standard 39 gallon lawn and leaf bags or 33 gallon Bio Bags.

 Leaf Gulp II fits 12" x 16" paper lawn and leaf bags.

Both are easy to use, and permanently assembled with just two screws,

Plus their sturdy, compact design makes them easy to store just about anywhere when not in use.

Stop picking up those leaves, and turn an overwhelming job into a simple fast task with one quick gulp! Your fun is about to pick up! 

Short haired blonde woman holding a Leaf Gulp

You won’t beLEAF how easy it is…just three easy steps!

Attach Leaf Gulp to your lawn and leaf bag
Rake leaves into your bag
Easily pick up the bag from the Leaf Gulp handle

Slide the Leaf Gulp into the bag

Rake the leaves into the bag

Pick up the Leaf Gulp

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