Leaf Gulp

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  • HGTV says "This Product Is Pretty Genius"
  • Rated 4.3 STARS on gardeningproductsreview.com!!
  • Dimensions: 22"w x 15"h.
  • Fits standard 39 gallon and larger lawn-n-leaf bags.
  • Constructed to last for years.
  • Permanent assembly with only 2 screws.
  • Compact design allows LEAF GULP to remain fully assembled and hung on the wall when not in use.
  • Made in America with American products.
favicon-logo-32x32.jpg Our Customers Say...
"... I don't have to hold the bag while I fill it anymore??... VERY COOL !..."
"... I GOT THE GULP... It is so handy and useful. great job!..."
"... It really does work like a dustpan. Now my kids will even help :)..."
"... This is a great idea! I hate the bending over. "
"... I bagged my leaves by hand until I picked up a SNAKE *#!! Never again..."
"... I really can fill bags in less than a minute, and without bending!"

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